Abortion & Birth Control

I have been pro-choice most of my life due to the fact that a woman should not be forced to carry a rapist baby or endanger her health. With that being said, I remember Chris Rock making the comment in 2003 that most women today abort babies so they can fit into a bathing suit that summer.  Although I laughed at his comment, it had some truth to it.  Most females I know don’t want to take birth control pills because of the side effects like weight gain or hirsutism.  They even had that stupid “Shout Your Abortion” movement where you brag about having an abortion. I think that having an abortion on a consensual sex encounter in which nothing is wrong –is disgusting.   I still feel remorse for aborting my rapists baby.

If South Carolina had changed the laws barring him from ever contacting or knowing the baby, I would have kept the child.  I couldn’t emotionally risk him stalking me or my child– putting my family in danger as my father was worth a lot of money.  Enough money —-that most of the men in my life ignored me and auditioned to my parents to date me.  I didn’t have a relationship that lasted over a month until I was 42 for that reason.

People using humor to picket pro-life protesters